Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

The fourth edition of the titular tool that allows a variety of titles to run on a Windows system

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    Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 2014

Some of you might be wondering, "What is the 'Microsoft .NET Framework,' and why do I need to use this?" Microsoft .NET Framework 4 includes all the necessary features and components you will need if you want to develop .NET-based programs from the system. You will have access to routines, libraries and utilities, along with other essential elements. This is the latest version of the development for this platform, and we have seen some refreshing new improvements to features and optimization of how the CSS and HTML will work with the system. It also supports the multi-touch management for Windows 7.

Code Debugging, Improvements and More!

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 will also let you run the latest apps that have been developed through this platform. Why do you need this system? This system was created by developers as a way to create applications with greater simplicity. One of the things that programmers are always looking for is a simpler way of doing things. As one person commented, the framework is basically just a lot of code, but it lets developers make a call on it without having to write the code from scratch.

This is Not a Perfect World

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. If we did, you wouldn't need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, but we need this because all of the crucial applications will take up both resources and time if you want to patch together the applications. All of it boils down to a self-contained package where you develop for Windows in an intuitive and high-level programming process. Nobody outside developers will have a need for a package like Microsoft .NET Framework, but this tool becomes irreplaceable for programmers who want an orderly way of accessing their web services, databases and their communication tools.

Installed to Help with Functioning

We recommend this application because it will help independent developers with developing their apps. However, you should keep in mind how this will often be a big download, and unfortunately, it has proven that it often comes with errors too. The problem seems to happen less in Windows 7, but almost any big software patch will have the potential to leave you with an error. For example, the Blackberry platform has a need for the framework, but it looks a little unusual because of the large-scale effort needed.

In most cases, applications will ask for a specific version of this framework, which can be annoying when you have another version. You will have to go out and install it if you want to avoid problems. You can also avoid this problem, however, in most cases by simply keeping the most up to date version on your computer.


  • This software helps you with the debugging process.
  • Works well with all the crucial applications, and it supports multi-touch management for Windows 7


  • Oftentimes you will be asked to download a specific version of the framework.

The Microsoft .NET framework better enables developers to create software for Windows.

This is a Framework Class Library that is specifically designed to integrate with developer-created source code. The platform allows developers to more easily develop and integrate new software programs with the Windows operating system. It is intended for use by the majority of new Windows programs and programs that utilize the .NET platform will not run without it. This .NET framework operates side-by-side with older versions of the framework, so programs based on older frameworks will run off of their targeted version of .NET.

Each version of .NET contains improvements designed to enhance functionality for the developers as well as the users of software produced with the platform. This version of the framework adds performance improvements to two of the primary libraries, improved handling of HTML and CSS, improvements for data access and modeling, improvements to ASP.NET, improvements in the Windows Presentation Foundation and several more enhancements.

Since .NET is specifically designed for Windows, you must be running Windows XP SP3 or later on a 32- or 64-bit machine. Recommended processor speed is 1GHz or higher and recommended memory is 512MB of RAM, plus 850MB of space for 32-bit machines and 2GB for 64-bit machines.

To install this .NET package, please ensure that your computer is updated with the latest Service Pack, which is available for free. You will also need Internet Explorer 5.1 or later. Download the package and it will self-install. After .NET is installed, restart your computer, and then you will be able to run programs that require .NET versions equal to or older than this version of the platform.


Free and easy to install

Low system requirements


Installation is required in order for some programs to run

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